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Welcome to Hemp Chicken
U.S.A. Hemp Food Industry!

"Hemp will change the World; By the way It will grow...."TM

Keith Ray Elam

This is the first Hemp Chicken Industry that will revolutionize the Chicken; By the way it will eat, and to be eaten!

Hemp Chickens are feed with Hemp Seeds to provide the Omega 3 and 6 for our good Health and Well Being!

For our Children to live on a World, which the Whole World needs to be using Hemp, and talking about it.

(Hemp Chicken Farmers and Chicken Buyers!)

This is the first Website in the History of USA, where the Chicken Farmers and the Chicken Buyers can meet together, while staying at the Farm and at home!

 Hemp Chickens are not cage free chickens, which millions of USA citizens eat each day, and throughout the World!

No natural Sunlight is given to the cage free chickens, along with no fresh air that is provided for them to breathe! While also GMO corn is fed to the chickens, causing you and your family illnesses you will regret the rest of your lives!

Note: Chicken eggs also carry the same vaccines and growth hormone shots that are given to each Chicken!

Why must we all eat like this, and we all die the same way; Like the Chicken does?

Here at Hemp ChickenTM, we allow the Farmers to raise their Chickens the way they want to on their Farms!

While feeding the their Chickens Hemp Seeds to provide a healthy and delicious Hemp Chicken for all of us to enjoy!

Note; If you raise Hemp Chickens on a Farm, please let us know, we will set up a Webpage right here; for you and your family, for free! To sell your Hemp Eggs and Hemp Chickens!
By mail!

For the whole World to enjoy, while eating…."

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This Website is operated by Donations only!
All donations will go to towards expanding this Website throughout the USA....

Note: Hemp Publishing Company is not affiliated with any Hemp Chicken Farmers; nor the buyers!

But we will provide the best Hemp Eggs and Hemp Chickens! Produced in the USA!
For all of us to enjoy!
While we all eat very healthy; throughout our entire lives....

Hemp can save our Earth....

To purchase Hemp Egg Cartons to save our Earth!

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